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It is TIME to Take Control of Your Practice

There is never a time to be a 'passenger' or a 'backseat driver' in your own practice... the time is now to take full control of the steering wheel of your destiny. Buckle up...let's START your engines!


  1. Stop speaking faster than they can comprehend


    The chiropractor has in their mind what is the best form of explaining ‘Chiropractic’ to their clients / patients but speaking faster than they can comprehend, understand or grasp will fall on deaf’s ears. Sometimes they can’t listen fast enough. Let me explain what I mean in this video with a paddle boat analogy…


  2. Don’t be a Donkey


    I have been a donkey for most of my life. In fact, I am still a donkey even when I intellectually know that I shouldn’t be one. Let me explain. Derek Sivers (Author of an excellent book that you should read “Anything you want” – I have read/listen to it at least 4-5 times) wrote […]


  3. Planning For Failure


    R.E.M. was a band that influenced and inspired an entire generation of alternative rock bands such as Nirvana, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Live, and Coldplay. The mesmeric tones of “Losing my Religion” seem like it was on a repeat musical loop on the radio waves in the early 90’s.   During a recent interview with lead […]


  4. The Lone Wolf vs The Tribe Approach


    . Why investing in yourself with a tribe is smarter than taking the long route of doing it alone. Sometimes when you’re looking for something particular,something you know that you need to take your business,career or knowledge to get to that level you gotta find the right people and sometimes you gotta travel to where […]