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It is TIME to Take Control of Your Practice

There is never a time to be a 'passenger' or a 'backseat driver' in your own practice... the time is now to take full control of the steering wheel of your destiny. Buckle up...let's START your engines!


  1. Talking to No One


    When you try to market to everyone, you market to NO ONE. I recorded this video last week on my daughter’s birthday and on this video I will show you how to avoid the biggest mistake most businesses make and how to correct it. WORKSHEET included.


  2. Swim your OWN Race


    There is something magical about the Olympics. The plethora of human emotions you get to experience from the highest of high to the lowest of lows. On the world stage, it is the ultimate display of preparation, passion and purpose. Yesterday I was watching the 400m Women’s Freestyle where 19-year-old American sensationKatie Ledecky breaks her […]


  3. The investment cost


    How much does it cost to WIN a customer? Not much… If you do it right. Here’s an example. It rained in paradise here in Bali the other day. Yes, it’s disappointing for everyone that the hotel staff couldn’t control the weather. So instead of letting people be disappointed with the situation, they took the […]


  4. The Real World


    Last week, I travelled to Ireland for a transformational week called “Bravesoul”. It was a tough week… Mentally and emotionally. A week where I was completely unplugged and off the grid – no internet, no emails, no Facebook, no TV and no connections to the “outside” world. When you begin to remove yourself from these […]


  5. Removing Decision Fatigue


    We came and we conquered Mr. Wong’s. On the continuing quest to find the best company of like minded people and friends, I often find a great Asian restaurant that serve amazing food to facilitate the environment. Typically I want a restaurant that has a banquet menu… And when there is no banquet menu, we […]